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We love fly fishing and everything to do with it. We talk fly when we see our friends, it finds its way in to the office at work and around the coffee table there are countless magazines of far off destinations. We collect not only knick-knacks but knowledge from our travels and experiences. Salt is in our veins, it’s where we come from and why we fight so hard to get back to it as often as possible. Saltwater fly fishing isn’t easy, it’s a challenging way of catching fish but anyone who has ever caught a good fish on fly in the salt will almost always tell you it was worth it!


We want it to become a common topic when talking about fishing and dissolve the idea that it’s “too hard” or  “people who fly fish are old and all they do is walk river banks in search of small trout”. Don’t get me wrong there’s a place for it but we’re about getting onto the flats and stalking down big permit and GT’s or searching for bonefish in ankle deep water. Feeling the blistering run of a large Spanish Mackerel and getting your knuckles so busted up, you can’t make a fist! 


IN THE SALT was born from the need to get more  information on Australian saltwater fly fishing and  everything it offers. The essence of our magazine isn’t just knowledge and photos, we want to help you experience the passion we have for the sport and show you how you too can be a part of it. You will certainly find lots of great articles throughout our pages and hopefully, not only will you grow and learn new things, but also be inspired to get out there and cast a fly. For those just starting out, that you can see it’s not hard to get into fly fishing and the rewards are so great. This should be one hell of an adventure and we are super stoked that you’re a part of it.


Sharing the excitement and experience with our friends is what fly fishing means to us. We want to share our passion with the rest of Australia and the world to show case what we have on offer! 


We have world class saltwater destinations on our door step. You can choose anything from a luxury 5-star resort with permit flats out the front of it or rough it in some real back country type areas with tents and bug spray. 


However, you like to do things, one thing is the same…you LOVE SALTWATER FLY FISHING and so do we!


Welcome to I N T H E S A L T A fly fishing magazine dedicated to Saltwater fly fishing.

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